How to Make Senior Pets More Comfortable

Is your dog or cat entering her elderly years and starting to slow down a bit? Learn how to make her more comfortable by reading these helpful tips from a Des Moines veterinarian. Provide Assistance in the Home Consider modifying your home a bit to accommodate your older pet’s needs. Purchase or build pet ramps to help animals get up … Read More »

Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Studies indicate the almost half of all domestic cats are overweight—if your feline friend falls into that category, use these tips from a Des Moines veterinarian to help your cat shed the extra pounds. Diet As with any animal, as well as humans, a diet will be necessary to get the weight off your cat. Too many calories will result … Read More »

Keep Your Dog Exercising This Winter

The chilly temperatures and biting wind of winter aren’t excuses for your dog to lay around and not get any exercise. Try these tips from your Des Moines veterinarian to keep your dog active and healthy during the winter months. Games Instead of just walking your dog outdoors in the cold, try playing some rousing games like fetch or tug-of-war. … Read More »