At Starch Pet Hospital, we recognize the special role your pet plays within your family, and we understand that you only want what’s best for them. Especially when it comes to veterinary care. We also know that there are plenty of resources to whom you can turn for this care. So why choose us? It’s simple. Because, along with the complete list of veterinary care services we offer, you and your pet will be treated with compassion, respect and dignity. Let us become your trusted partner for everything pet related. We can’t wait to meet you and your companion!

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    Wait…where and why are they taking my pet?

    Wait…where and why are they taking my pet? It’s always a bit disconcerting when you come in with your pet and one of our doctors scoops them up after the exam and tells you they’ll be right back. If your pet needs anything from a nail trim to blood drawn, chances are they will be taken to the back.  Where … Read More »

    Can I trust Dr. Google?

    Can I trust Dr. Google? We’ve all been there; you have a pain somewhere so you hit the internet to see what it could be.  One site says it’s probably nothing and you’ll be just fine.  The next site tells you to get to the ER so they can run a full battery of tests and put you in a … Read More »

    Do pets get diabetes? Yes!

         On a regular basis, we receive calls from pet parents who are concerned because Fluffy or Bowser has been drinking a bunch of water and urinating more.  Sometimes, they are even having accidents in the house.  Inevitably, their first question is, “Could my pet be diabetic?”  The answer is; Yes!      Let’s take a quick look at the science … Read More »