How to Make Senior Pets More Comfortable

Is your dog or cat entering her elderly years and starting to slow down a bit? Learn how to make her more comfortable by reading these helpful tips from a Des Moines veterinarian.

Provide Assistance in the Home

Consider modifying your home a bit to accommodate your older pet’s needs. Purchase or build pet ramps to help animals get up and down stairs or up onto perches and furniture. Line the ramps with carpet to help your pet keep her footing. Also put strips of carpet along slippery floors made of hardwood or tile. Whenever possible, help assist your pet around the house if she looks like she’s struggling.

Supply a Comfortable Bed

Make sure your pet has a warm, soft bed to lie in at the end of the day. It will feel great on achy joints and tired muscles. Provide plenty of soft blankets for your pet to curl up in. You may even consider purchasing an orthopedic or heated bed, which are great for pets suffering from arthritis or other painful conditions. Consult your vet for a recommendation.

Raise Dishes

It can be painful or troublesome for many older pets—especially arthritic ones—to bend over to reach their food and water dishes. Put the dishes on a slightly raised platform of some kind, like an empty shoebox, to try and give your pet some relief.

Assist with Grooming

As pets get older, they’ll probably need help with grooming procedures. This is even true of cats, the notoriously meticulous self-groomers. Senior pets can’t always bend and twist the way they once could in order to groom parts of their body, so help your pet out with brushing, untangling, and even bathing. Ask your Des Moines veterinarian how often you should groom your senior pet as well as the proper procedures for brushing and bathing.

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  1. So, squeekie is finally getting some of his perky self back, though still sleeping most of the time.. they ended up having to pull two of his teeth, but the main issue was (…ew so disgusting!! I am glad I am not a vet!!) there was a fly larvae embedded in the cheek where the swelling was… making him so horribly sick. how in the world that one happens I have no clue.. so glad Starch people over on 22nd and University know what they do, cause I would never have even come close to guessing such a possibility.. and o wow, KOURTNEY YOU ARE SUCH AN ANGEL… Squeekie says “Thank you auntie kourtney.. love you always..” you have no idea how much the reassuarance and information helped maybe not him as much as me… I was near panicked and in tears from it all on Sunday morning.. your always so cool to help as much as you do kourtney..