Wait…where and why are they taking my pet?

Wait…where and why are they taking my pet?

It’s always a bit disconcerting when you come in with your pet and one of our doctors scoops them up after the exam and tells you they’ll be right back. If your pet needs anything from a nail trim to blood drawn, chances are they will be taken to the back.  Where are they going?  What are they doing?  Why can’t I be there?  Don’t worry, your pet is safe and in great hands. 

Let’s start with the “why.”  Most of the time, pets do better when they are away from their people.  Even the sweetest pet can be on edge when they are in a strange environment with people they don’t know.  Pets are protective of their people.  By taking them to the back, they are more relaxed.

Speaking of “the back,” where is it and what is it?  Both of our clinics have a treatment room right behind the exam rooms.  This is a large, well-lit, area that has the equipment our doctors need as well as the technicians who help them.  The treatment room is usually a busy place with lots of different things taking place at once.  A technician may be cleaning teeth on a pet while another one is assisting a doctor getting ready for surgery. 

Once your pet is in the treatment room, the doctor and technician will get to work on whatever it is your pet needs.  The goal is to get the procedures done quickly and safely.  Don’t worry if your dog needs a muzzle or your cat needs to be scruffed.  These are safety precautions for your pet as well as our team members.  Everyone has been taught how to safely and comfortably restrain a pet so the procedure can be done without added stress to your pet.  After all of your pet’s procedures have been completed, they will be brought back to you in the exam room.

So, don’t worry if the doctor wants to take your pet to the back.  It’s for their own safety and good. They’ll be back with you in no time at all!

As always, we welcome any questions you may have.

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