On-Line and Big Box Pharmacies Versus Us

We’ve all seen the commercials of the happy little dog or bouncy kitty with the smiling owner who just saved a bunch of money because they purchased their pet’s medications on-line.  Or maybe the commercial wasn’t for an on-line pharmacy instead it was for a big box store like Sam’s Club or Costco.  But did those smiling owners really get a better deal?  No, not really.  If you are considering purchasing your pets medications, heartworm preventatives, and/or flea preventatives on-line or from a big box pharmacy we would like you to consider a few things first.

Our prices are very comparable to theirs.  We set our prices to be in direct competition with other pharmacy outlets.  For example, at the writing of this article, our cost for 12 doses of Heartgard heartworm preventative for a 51-100# dog was $100.00. was priced at $102.98 and Sam’s Club was priced at $95.70.  Our price for six doses of Frontline flea and tick preventative was $88.00. was $84.98 and Sam’s Club was $73.96.  With this as your only information you’d probably be thinking Sam’s Club was the way to go.  Right?  Wrong! 

Now we need to factor in what those happy commercials don’t tell you.  Sure, they may have free shipping, but do they have rebates and free product offers?  Nope!  The best way to see who really has the better deal is to compare monthly costs.  With rebates and free product, the cost per month of Heartgard through us is $7.33.  Sam’s Club is $7.98, and is $8.58.  For the Frontline, our per month cost is $11.00 while Sam’s Club is $12.33 and is a whopping $14.16!

Finally, products purchased elsewhere are generally not guaranteed by the manufacturer.  We are unable to offer warranties or guarantees for products or prescriptions obtained by an outside source.

There are also risks associated with purchasing products for your pet over the internet.  Some of which are:

  • There is no way for you or your veterinarian to know if the product has been stored properly while in transit, is out of date, repackaged or counterfeit when purchased from an outside source.  This has occurred in the past.
  • The prescribing instructions for products purchased from other sources may be different from those recommended by your veterinarian.  This could result in improper dosing of your pet.
  • Purchases from outside pharmacies may not appear in your pet’s medical history.  This information may be important in the event that your pet needs additional medications and/or treatment from your veterinarian.
  • The prescription and/or refills may not arrive in a timely fashion, thus potentially causing an interruption in treatment for your pet, which may result in the need for additional testing prior to the continued safe use of the product.

In a nutshell; what’s best for your pet?  Get it from your vet!

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